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Mission: Self-Employment generation through Vocational Training in Paramedical subjects in our real environment practical workshop.

Vision: Through regular classes and placement-linked courses,proper skilling with theory, practical, soft-skills & internship, to bridge the gap between demand of skilled Medical Technician and Unemployed educated youths.
In all the courses, eligibility for 1-year Certificate Course is 10th passed and 2 years Diploma courses is 10+2 passed from any stream (Science / Arts / Commerce). In each stream there are 30 seats. We are having 2 sessions in each year, January and June.

Medium of Study: Bengali, Hindi & English. Age: 18-35 years. Gender: Both. Our all the trainers are from W.B. State Medical Faculty or Indian Nursing Council or different Health Universities. All the theory & Practical Workshop are air-conditioned and campus is Wi-Fi enabled. Entire campus is secured with CC TV monitoring.

Registration, ID Cards, Examination, Marks heet & Certificate will be provided by Bharat Sevak Samaj (promoted by Planning Commission, Govt. of India)through internal assessment & annual evaluation (


BSS Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

1. 1st year is called CMLT. and 2nd year is called DMLT. We shall teach them Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology, Clinical Pathology & Histopathology subjects. They will be able to handling Identification of the sample, Distinguishes the specimens, Use of proper anticoagulants, CBC & complete Haemogram, ESR estimation, PCV, MCV, Hb%, MCHC, Urine / Stool Examination (R/E, C/S), Blood collection, Biochemistry Laboratory Analysis, Semi-Auto Analyser Machine handling, Colorimeter estimation, Monocular & Binocular Microscope handling, Microtome use & Histopathological Slide preparation, Robonik ELISA strip reader handling, Qualitative identification of Blood Sugar, Proteins, Glucose Tolerance Test, Stool, Biological fluids examination, Knowledge on Vacutainer, Channel set-up, etc.

2. Employability: We are having Tie-up with several Diagnostic Lab & Pvt. Hospitals for Internship & Placement agencies. After completion of internship within the tenure of 2 years, process of Campus Interview will be started. They will get job In Pvt. Lab, Pvt. Hospitals, a) As Phlebotomist firstor b) as Lab Technician after some experience.


BSS Diploma in Physiotherapy & Activity Therapy

1. 1st year is called CPT and 2nd year is called DPT&AT.

2. In 1st year we shall teach them Anatomy, Physiology, Electrotherapy, Rehabilitation, Massage, Exercisetherapy and Ortho-Neuro-General subjects, use of Prosthetics & Orthotics, Manual & Auto-Traction etc.

In 2nd year they will learn advanced Exercisetherapy, Sports Physiology, Post-Operative Exercises, Basics of Biomechanics,CPM, Occupational Therapy, Remedial Gymnastic, Hydro Therapy, Manual Activities & Craft Community Educational Aids, Sensory integration, Kinesio tapping, Maitland Technique, PNF, NDT Technique, Bobath Technique, Mulligan Technique, Chest Physiotherapy, Myofascial Release, Postural Mirror Ex. Technique, Roods Technique, Theraband use etc.
3. Employability: In the Nursing Home & Private Hospital. Independent practice or under supervision of BPT/MPT. In majority of the students opt for private practice but those will seek placement, they will be placed in Pvt. Hospital through placement agencies.

4. Registration: BSS will provide student Registration. Practice Registration will be governed by Rules & Regulation of West Bengal Allied Medical & Paramedical Council whenever it will come into force.
5. Lateral Entry to BPT: Right now, there is no facility to take admission from Vocational DPT to BPT.


BSS Diploma in Patient Care (DPC Nursing)

1. 1st year is called CPC and 2nd year is called DPC.

2. We shall teach them Anatomy, Physiology, Nursing Procedures, Sterilization, how to take care of emergency Life Support Systems, First Aid, Pressure Check-up, Glucose estimation, Wound & Post-Operative Dressing, Burn patient care, Bedsore management, Maintenance of Personal Hygiene, Mother & Baby Care, Oxygen Therapy & Nebulization, 4 parameter Monitor evaluation, Suction Machine operation, Pulse Oximeter interpretation, Plastering & POP removal, Bandages, Ward Management, Physiotherapy & ambulation, Blood collection, Medicine dispensing, Ryle’s tube feeding, Catheter insertion, IM / IV infusion, Channel set-up, Nutritional needs of the patient & Observation, CSSD, Autoclave etc.
After completion of 1st year, we will send them Nursing Home or Pvt. Hospital for internship. After completion of internship in 2nd year, they will be ready to appear in Campus Interview for Job. 2. Employability: In the Nursing Home & Private Hospital through placement agency.

3. Girl’s and Boy’s Hostel: Available.


BSS Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology

1. Throughout the 1st year we shall teach them Anatomy, Physiology, Instrumentation, OT Tray Set-up, Central Oxygen supply system, Vacuum System, Sterilization, Fumigation, Autoclaving, Asepsis Method, Handling of Anaesthesia Machine, Maintenance of Personal Hygiene, Oxygen Therapy, 4 parameters Monitor Evaluation, Suction Machine & Diathermy operation, Bandages, Handling Various OT Instruments, Method of using various antiseptics, Concept of Emergency Drugs, Anaesthetic Techniques, OT Lights & Table setting, Linen requirements of OT, Arranging Surgical equipment Tray Set-up, Concept of Blood Banking, Pre-Operative procedures, Surgical Terminologies, management of Emergencies in OT, how to take care of emergency conditions of the patients, how to organize Operation Theatre & assist in procedures etc.

2. Employability: In the Nursing Home & Private Hospital as OT Assistant first, then after experience of few years, they will be OT Technician. They will be placed through camps interview or placement agencies.


BSS Diploma in E.C.G. Technician

1. Duration of the Diploma is 1 year. After successful completion of the training candidate will be able to take care of emergency situation to detect whether the illness is due to Cardiac problem or else, Use of E.C.G. Machine of different makes & Models- Manual, Semi-Auto & Fully Auto, To carry out E.C.G. on pacemaker patient, Determination of heart beats, Axis, Cardiac Arrhythmias, Ventricular status, Interpretation of normal and abnormal E.C.G, Indication of E.C.G. recording, Requirement of Halter Study & Doppler study, TMT etc.

2. Employability: In the Pvt. Hospital, Nursing Home, Diagnostic Centre, Day Care Centre, Primary Health Centre, Cardiologist’s Clinic, Polyclinic, Self-employment etc.


BSS Diploma in Physician Assistant

1. Competency: After successful completion of the training candidate will be able to guide the patient in all aspects regarding the disease by which patient has been suffering from in the Doctor’s Chamber, pre-requisite of the treatment like BP measurement, Body Weight, Glucose Estimation (Blood Sugar), carry out ECG, BMD Test, use of Pulse Oxymeter, Nebulization for immediate relief, use of Ambu Bag, IV infusion for serious dehydrated patient, First-Aid for bleeding patient, Asepsis measure for Burn Patient, Pre-Operative advice & preparation, Interpretation of Doctor’s advice & prescription. A Physician Assistant will be handy in all aspects under the supervision of any specialist physician, including taking appointment on behalf of the physician & scheduling all the necessary pre-op & post-op engagements,

2. Employability: After completing the training the candidate will be able to assist the Physician in the Physician’s chamber, can act as Dresser, Compounder , in the post of Compounder in Hospital, Multi-speciality Hospital, Polyclinic etc.


BSS Diploma in X-Ray Technology (BSS-DRIT)

1. Competency acquired: After successful completion of the training candidate will be able to handle Manual and Digital X-ray machines, Dark Room Techniques, Radiographic Positioning of Patient, Advanced Imaging Technique, Know how of Radiation, Pathology in relation to Radiology, Radio Diagnosis and Related Equipment etc. along with CPR, First-Aid.

2. Employability: In the Nursing Home & Private Hospital, Diagnostic Centre, Polyclinic etc. through our Campus Interview or placement agencies.


BSS Diploma in Optometry (BSS - D. Opto)

1. Competency acquired: After successful completion of the training candidate will be able to take basic eye care with Refractometer, Clinical Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology knowledge. Care of Optics with knowledge of Refraction & Optometric instrumentations. Trainees will be able to handle Clinical Ophthalmology, Practice of Refraction through Optometric Workshop knowledge. Community Optometry & Optometry Nursing will be capabilities of all the trainees.

2. Employability: In the Nursing Home & Private Hospital, Diagnostic Centre, Polyclinic etc. through our placement agencies.


BSS Diploma in Dialysis Technology

1. Competency acquired: Only after few days of theoretical classes in the Institute, they will be sent to Diagnostic Lab or in Nursing Home for real environment to handle and set-up Dialysis Machine, to take care of Nephrology related disorders with Principles of Dialysis. Peritoneal Dialysis and recent Advancement in Dialysis Procedures, Dialysis Patient Care Management, Knowledge of Dialyzers etc.

2. Employability: Through placement agency, In the Nursing Home & Private Hospital, Diagnostic Centre, Polyclinic etc.


BSS Diploma in Ultra Sonography Technician

1. Competency acquired: Theoretical classes will be in the Institute and Practical Training and patient exposure will be under guidance of Sonologist in Diagnostic Centre. After successful completion of the theory & practical training, when candidate will be able to take care of Basic Principles of Sound and Ultrasound, Physics of Sound, Obstetrics & Gynecological disorders and related ultrasonography. Visceral & Pelvic anatomy & related structural ultrasonography, they will be ready for placement.

2. Employability: Through placement agencies, in the Nursing Home & Private Hospital, Diagnostic Centre, Polyclinic etc.

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Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Technology, ECG Technician, Operation Theatre Technician, ICU Tech, X-Ray Tech.
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